i make. you wear it. began in 2011 as a creative outlet to document my various dress-making and crafty projects.  In 2012, I decided to put my passion for blogging, sewing, and hot-gluing to good use, making a dress every day for a year and raising over $5,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

I am currently working as the Senior Womenswear Designer at Universal Store, and also as a freelance creative, specialising in photography, styling, and DIY project development.  My clients include Frankie Magazine, GOMA, Splendour in The Grass, The Queensland Ballet, Etsy, and BONDS.

I am always keen to collaborate, so if you would like to work together, get in touch at imakeyouwearit@gmail.com  

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10 Responses to “About”

  1. Floretta Donaghy

    I stumbled upon this blog the other day and think its so great! Carry on your fantastic work!

  2. Missy

    I just randomly came across this via a clothing stores facebook page and I just wanted to say that this is such a lovely idea! And all your dresses are so lovely! Keep up all the good work, I wish I had squillions of money to donate haha


  3. kath

    yo rach. wassup. i’m bored at work. the OTHER work. love your website!! pretty dresses 4 pretty gals- for such a pretty darn good cause! can i just say your model kath is such a hot babe, wow! sssiiiiicccckkkk. : )

    • rachel

      ahhh tbe OTHER work…how many days of straight work do you have left now? 30 days is incrediblay intense-io! Meanwhile…kath! what a brazen hotty. definitely siiiiiiiccckkkkkkk, also. I am curently papoosed on the couch in a blanky – it is very chill. Just thought you should know. xox

  4. Caterine Lun

    Hey Rachel,
    I was walking around a hotel last Sunday picking postcards as usual because I collected them. I always pick the one’s that catch my eye and I came across this really cute dress on one. I read the back and it was very interesting. Now I’m following all your dresses that you’re making! I have an interest for design as well and it’s great what you are doing! Keep up all the good work! I’m looking forward to your future works! (:

    Best luck to you!.xxx

  5. lotta

    Love the idea !!!! Keep creating!!!
    Havent checked out all the dresses yet but I will.

  6. Natalie Smith

    You’re inspiring me to do that sewing class with my new sewing machine!!! I’m loving your little creations…. I’d love to make they’re amazing! I’d also like to make a donation to your charity. Keep them dresses coming you clever gal!! From your new follower x


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