Monthly Archives: October 2010

Read BATS!

Check out issue 7 of BATS magazine…not only is it tremendous reading but ‘i make. you wear it.’ totally gets a mention too. double rainbow. oxxo

Dress 10…fun again!

Hey there lovers, pretty girl. ¬†remember humans…if you like what you see then prease donate! xoxooxo


On the frock-oriented platter this week is Meg. I have worked with this delightful lady for a super long time…and whilst she probably isn’t aware, I see her as the perfect amalgamation of all my favourite disney characters. She rocks Belle’s reading/writing awesomeness yet, like our good friend Ariel, is quite partial to under water… Read more »

Have a lookie!

Hey loverlies, Check out the write up on ‘i make. you wear it.’ in the online charlie mag…I did an interview a couple of weeks ago with them and they were delightful. So read it…love it…and ignore the bit about me being 24 – for some reason they decided to age me 2 years. kissies.xoxoxo

So, I did some add ups…

So, I am really starting to try and make a head way on this whole ‘gathering donations’ thang for NAPCAN. ¬†Working on sorting out a gripping fundraiser to occur in the near future (party party party)…I just did some calculations that made me go: it is possible to raise $25,000…if I have the help of… Read more »