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this dress was bananas…b.a.n.a.n.a.s…

dress 2! xox When all else fails, allow a Gwen Stefani song to inspire your frock and fun shall be had. I must express thanks to the model of this dress, Laura who responded fairly well to me hurling a dress at her at about 6pm this evening and requesting “Please! Please put this on!”…. Read more »

DRESS ONE! Betteautiful! tee hee.

xoxo DRESS ONE…xoxo Today ‘i make my day’ began.  Dutifully I arose at 8am to construct my first, of many, frocks.  I won’t lie…I did do a fair bit of powerful ‘pom pom’ preparation for this first number.  My vision for it was ‘marilyn monroe meets an unhinged clown’…and in order to achieve this I… Read more »

i will be making my day in just 1 day!

This Friday marks the beginning of ‘ i make my day’! SO check back to see the results of the first dress for this project. I’ve got something pretty fun planned… xox

Hey hey!

Heyoi! To those of you who came along to the ‘i make. you wear it’ party…thank you so sooo much! And of course to those who followed/donated/supported this whole thang…THANKYOU x 45! Over the course of the venture over $5000 was raised for NAPCAN – which is so fantastic!  This money is going toward the… Read more »