Monthly Archives: March 2012

dress/day 328

After I made this dress tonight, I went and treated myself to a delightful red thai chicken curry.  On the way back from my feast, I saw the below scene of a sheep having a bit of a gentle read.  Good on him… xo

Dress 326 – A most colourful evening!

I needed a powerful pop of colour this evening, as I must confess that tonight I found ‘making my day’ a bit of a challenge.  Maybe it is the new addition of working everyday, or perhaps the epic task of getting everything sorted for the upcoming Yellowcake show, but my internal flower definitely started to… Read more »

325…i make kony.

So evidently I watched the Kony youtube video, and was moved to base tonight’s dress on the plight to make Joseph Kony famous… I have been, like many others online, thoroughly inspired by the invisible children video that I watched tonight.  I think the campaign is incredible – not only in its plight to get… Read more »

Dress/Day 323…

Give me a scalloped trim any day of the week, and you will find me a very happy lady! O, and after I made this dress tonight, Thomas came over and we played this: Such pastel good times.  What a happy bean I am. xo

Dress/Day 322!

Love this little strapless number, it reminds me of the below photo, which was taken many moons ago now! So many little red kitchen treats!xo

O heart! Dress/day 319…

So I am pretty excited about the prospect of the weekend arriving!  Saturday is bound to be buckets of fun, with my Yellowcake photo-shoot penned into the calendar.  Everything is pretty much ready to roll for the shoot, including festive tights, shoes (can you say…pom poms??), dresses and props.  I can’t wait to see the… Read more »