This week: PAINT!

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For those who find themselves reading this blog, it may seem that I jump across mediums a lot.   One day (or year) it’s dressmaking, next it’s photography…then it’s pom pom making, piñata-ing….then pasta framing…and now this week, it’s painting.  I know that I really should just pick one thing and stick to it, but i literally can’t help myself.  EVERYTHING just looks like so much fun to do, and I can’t help but want to give EVERYTHING a whirl.  To add fuel to the fire, this week I was down at my local coffee shop, and one of the lovely girls there mentioned that they’d be keen to hang some of my art in their shop.  DID SOMEONE SAY, “MINI EXHIBITION”?!!!???!?! I THINK THAT’S WHAT I HEARD!!  Not content to have just a few of my mediocre scribbles hanging on the wall, I am now determined to fill that heavenly bistro with AS MANY of my mediocre scribbles as I can possibly assemble in the next 5 days.

From what I gathered from my highschool art classes, being an artist is all about finding your style, your point of view, and expressing meaning through your chosen medium (obviously there is a lot more to it than that…but, please humour my humble description).  Right now, i can describe my meaning/message/style as…swirly?  Or maybe swirly-whirly? I have been feeling pretty swirly lately.  I feel like time is flying by, and fitting in everything I want to into a day just gets trickier and trickier! I wish there was more time for me to hang out with my puppies, hot glue all the things, and make all the nick nacks for my wedding that I need to make!! I am trying my very best to fit everything in, but all this cramming is leaving me feeling a little overwhelmed and well, JUST SO SWIRLY!

So I guess, come next Wednesday, my seminal Swirlist work will be residing on the walls of one Stafford Cafe and will be available for some swift purchasing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.56.10 AM


So, if you fancy yourself an excellent coffee and a look at some pastel swirls, head on down to Pod Espresso in Stafford from next Wednesday. xx


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    • Aww thanks Adele, you’re too sweet! Sometimes its tough wanting to try so many things because you feel like it’s hard to focus on just one thing! Awesome that you’re keeping a blog whilst studying palaeontology – it’s great to have a a variety of interestd…keeps things interesting!! xx