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Getting back into the groove this week has been a little tough after last week’s stint in Hong Kong/China, but in order to do so I have tried to busy myself with some urgent/not so urgent projects.  On the urgent list is BRIDESMAID DRESSES.  I am getting married in 3 months (how did that come around so quickly??) and as I have committed to the task of making the dresses for my 6 gal-pals, I have really had to knuckle down on my sewing this week…as I don’t want to be throwing it all together at the last minute.  That being said, I get distracted easily.  And when this happens I am lured by the ‘not-so-urgent-list’ which is filled with fun tasks such as:

– Paint those cute white shoes with wormy lines.

– Glue googy eyes to tear-outs of celebrities and then customise their outfits.

– Cover plain wall in glitter stars

– Spruce up study to an appropriate glittery standard.

Needless to say the Bridesmaid dresses are yet to be completed, but I am feeling hopeful that this weekend will offer me a whirl-wind of opportunities to make progress on this task.

As a side note, I have decided to make another collection of frocks for auction on my Facebook Page.  I have been working on a number of paper dresses which, whilst not entirely practical, need to have owners…and will be auctioned off to benefit a really radical charity called Fitted For Work.  These guys focus on helping unemployed women gain employment and reclaim their confidence and self esteem in the work place.  Theirs is a really excellent cause and one that I can’t wait to support. So, keep checking in on this here blog/my instagram/the facebook page for details on when the auction will be live.  This is the first little collection I will have done for auction this year, so I am super pumped to get back into the zone!

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Anywho, that’s all from me!  Hope everybody has a splendid weekend filled with eating multiple breakfasts in one day and seeing the friendly faces that they missed throughout the week.


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