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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working alongside photographer extraordinaire Natalie McComas to bring to life the latest fashion editorial shoot for Frankie Magazine.  This shoot was the culmination of weeks of meticulous planning and garment sourcing to ensure that my concept of “giving yourself a hug” could actually be pulled off.  With the help of some excellent humans including Alex Atanasov (who assisted with both styling and hugging on the day), her crazy talented sister Elena Atanasov (who put the amazing hair do’s together), and some heavenly models, we managed to bring it all together and create something really dreamy.  Natalie McComas was a delight to work with and as expected did such a beautiful job on the images! We were also extra lucky to have her snap away some shots of what was happening behind the scenes, so I can now share the results with you on this here blog. You can see the results of our shoot in this months latest issue #66 of Frankie Magazine.

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A big thank you to all the models Emily Chamberlain, Ryan DeVeau, Jas Guy, Samantha Hardgrave, Lucinda Kent, Alexandra Otter, and Katie Wighton.



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