How To : Sweetly Swamped Nails

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On the weekend I realised that I have been missing a glaringly obvious area of my body that is ripe for the bedazzling. My nails!  When I realised that I have been neglecting the small, blank canvases on the tippy tips of my fingers, it became necessary for me to RUN to the bargain shop and get my hands on some acrylics STAT.  My next step was obvious, and the results were splendid.  As such, I felt it only fair to share with you how you may also achieve nail oriented wonder.  So, here goes…

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You will need:

– A bunch of junky bits and pieces.  For my sweetly swamped nails I have used small pearls, gems, pink pom poms and googly eyes.

– Hot glue gun

– Set of acrylic nails


The process of putting your nails together is so easy.  Literally all you have to do is glue all your gems/treasures/poms onto the nails in arrangements of your choosing.  For mine I began with a pom pom on the tip of each nail and then glued the gems and pearls around the pom.  After doing this, I topped each pom pom off with a googly eye.  The results? Ideal.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.13.28 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.09.49 AM

Once you have finished gluing all the goodness to your acrylics, it’s time to affix these friends to your nail beds.  Simply use some nail glue to attach them to your fingernails and then BOOM, you are the envy of everyone you have ever met and are yet to meet.

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Do not underestimate the raw power of a set of jazzy nails.  As someone kindly pointed out on instagram, washing dishes would be pretty much impossible with these champions on your tips…and isn’t that just delightful?!  What better excuse is there to get out of doing chores and general hum-drum activities?

Have fun!



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  • Love how creative and kooky this is- but I imagine it’s a bit of a trade off and makes things like crafting/ doing the dishes/ sewing a little more difficult unless they’re acrylic nails you can easily remove. Cannot wait to see if you wear some bedazzled fake nails for your wedding! 🙂