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I haven’t posted too much in the last few weeks because things have been pretty hectic in my neighbourhood! But I have finally found a pocket of time and so need to share some recent happenings with you all!  Last weekend I felt like the luckiest girl in the land.  I was thoroughly spoilt by all my lady friends and family, who threw me the most festive hens party filled with plaster fun, hot glue delights, a japanese feast and a karaoke marathon.

I was so impressed with the lady-non-crafters in my family who embraced all the tasks they were burdened with, dulling the pain of hot glue burns with miniature sausage rolls and tiny donuts.  It really was a sensational day.
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Can we please take a moment for these heavenly decorations?  The girlies did an incredible job decking out the space which was complete with shimmery tassels, floating flowers, daisy clusters and general cutery. Tehy really know the key to a gal’s heart.

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Other than mad wedding prep and henning up a storm, I have also been working on getting a couple of other big projects sorted.  This week is Splendour in the Grass and I have the total pleasure of being Craft Captain at the Craft Tent.  This will entail a bunch of fun things like meeting and greeting some of the most splendid creative faces and also hosting my own workshop alongside my Fancy Free comrade.  In addition to prepping for the craft tent, I have also been hot gluing up a storm, whipping up some treats for The Grates, who are playing at the festival. High on the agenda is a powerful tinsel jacket which I am JUST SO EXCITED ABOUT. It’s spinning > glittery ratio is really on point, and I can’t wait to see it swishing about on stage. Should be a real highlight of the festival.

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Daisy is very fond of the jacket I have made too. Always a good sign.

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Today also saw some epic wedding prep. Without giving too much away, I simply had to share these snaps of my Mum sorting out our sugared almonds (which are a traditional European treat that we give our guests).  I just love all the colours and they looked like little baby Robbin eggs.  Just so beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.30.27 PM

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Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.30.41 PM

On that colourful note, I best be off as I am anticipating a busy Monday and will need to get some zzz’s in. I can’t believe that it is less than 4 weeks to my Wedding this week!  Time is flying by so so fast.

Chat soon!


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