DIY a Heavenly Hat


It’s a long weekend, so I thought it only right to post a little diy treat on this here blog.  Today’s recipe is to make an ideal hat.  It’s very inexpensive and thrifty, and the results (I hope we can agree) are pretty splendid.  To make your heavenly hat, you will need the following:

– An old hat (I got mine from an opshop in Sandgate).

– Some fake flowers from the $2 shop

– A bunch of colourful junk, pom poms, paper honeycomb balls, old xmas decorations – ANYTHING really!

– A hot glue gun/glue sticks (shocking, I know)


Once you have gathered all these treats together, you can start! It really is a simple process of just gluing all your bits and bobs onto the surface of your hat until it is completely covered. I like to begin on the top of the hat and work my way down to the brim…but you can really approach the gluing process however you’d like.


Once you have started gluing, don’t stop!! Just keep going and going until the entire hat is covered.  I find that this task is best done with a good record playing in the background, or whilst watching a dvd.  On the listening menu for me was Divinity by Electric Light Orchestra…I’m so obsessed with them at the moment. Highly recommended.

And keep on gluing some more….


And keep gluing some more, until the whole thing has been covered and you are smiling from ear to ear!


The next step is to pop it on your head and admire the sheer amazingness that is your heavenly hat.


What better way the spend your long weekend! Am I right??

Happy hot gluing!



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