Apomogy Workshop!

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As I have mentioned on this here blog before, I have started a new project called Apomogy – which essentially involves making a pom pom and then attaching an anonymous apology to it. We all have some things we’d like to get off our chest, so I thought it would be a grand idea to hold a little workshop with my friends, and give them an opportunity to publicly, or privately apologise for something…however big or small.  The project has only been alive in the world now for just over a week, and already we have over 100 apomogies!  Little ‘sorries’ have been coming in from all over the place – I even received one from the UK (which is just crazy town!).  Anywho, the workshop was a dreamy afternoon filled with chats, cake eating, and the constand swatting of my pooch, Daphne, who kept stealing people’s food off their plates.  She definitely owes a couple of people an apomogy.

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If you would like to make an apomogy, and have it included in the pom pom art project, head to www.apomogy.com 

Happy pomming. xx

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