Paper Fashion and Runaway Time

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This week I have been having some chats with TIME.  “Time…?” I ask, “Why do you run away from me?  What’s the deal? Have I offended you in some way? Do you think I might have cooties? Is that why you always leave?”.  Like a cruel boyfriend, time just ignored me and moved right on, leaving me wondering how I could manage the situation more fruitfully…and ultimately how I can squeeze more out of my days.  I find myself repeating the phrase i wish there were more hours in the day over and over again these last couple of weeks.  As the festive season fast approaches, there is a surge in events and nearly every weekend has been accounted for to make way for some sort of gathering or there.  Coming into Christmas, work gets pretty busy too and when I get home each day I find myself requiring a lot of motivation to head back into my craft room and begin working again. Don’t get me wrong, I do love being busy…but this week in particular I have made a gallant effort to stay up later and seek out some quiet, secret hours of the day where I can have a little potter and a moment to just play.  In so doing, I have found that this week I have been quite productive!  My focus this week (at about 10.30 on any given week night) has been making some collages, fleshing out my visual diary, and converting the anonymous apomogies I’ve been receiving into real life pom poms.

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This week I managed to get my hands on a copy of Little Wren Magazine.  Excitingly, my NIFTY craft project has been published in this cutie magazine – and I was so merry to see that my baby pooch Daisy had made it into print. I showed it to her and she was very chuffed.

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This is what Daisy looks like being chuffed.  Please note Daphne in the background …looking not so chuffed that she didn’t make it into the final edit…

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The apomogies are growing!  I am running out of desk space, so am trying to think of a good way to store them.  A Danoz Direct space bag would come in so handy right about now!

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Late last week I headed to King George square for the Recreate paper fashion show, where I had one of my pieces walking the runway alongside some other, very fabby paper numbers.  This was a really fun project to be apart of, and meant that I FINALLY got to make use of all those leftover napkins from my Engagement party.

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My dress of MANY napkins. I think there were about 700 napkins used in the end…

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On the topic of fun items, I recently made the below jacket and am just SO in love with it.  I want to make a whole bunch of them…I think the next one needs to have some metallic, hot pink, tinsel in it? Or may even some green in it…ooo pink AND green tinsel!!! It would just be magical to have a whole fleet of people in these jackets, just coasting around, swishy bundles of glitter. Gah! Dreams.

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This week I also took the time to notice that the house next door to me has the most excellent shadow game in the morning.  The heavenly photographer Nat McComas once alerted me to the fact that tree shadows are SO beautiful, and ever since I have really not been able to stop noticing them…and wholeheartedly agree that they are so beautiful.  This house in particular has caught my eye ever since this alert. So had to share…

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This is me taking the time to lounge in a giant inflatable swan at my friend’s Hens night.  I really feel like there aren’t enough opportunities to drape oneself over inflatable animals, so I was pretty excited about this whole affair.
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 7.56.48 AM

And on the note of a giant inflatable swan, I bid you farewell for this post.  May you all take the time to do something this week that you enjoy, and that makes you smile! Thanks for reading!


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