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In case anyone missed the memo…I am still obsessed with pom poms…and my latest project apomogy has got me particularly hooked.  Last weekend I did an apomogy workshop with 30 prep kids, and had the opportunity to see some REALLY CUTE THINGS, and hear some really adorable apomogies…like “I’m sorry I sat on your hand”. Gah, it really was just so cute. But aside from gathering the apologies of cutie youngsters, adult apologies are still rolling in via my apomogy website and as such my collection of poms is just rapidly expanding.

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Cutie prep in the process of practicing her handwriting before committing to her final apomogy…

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Tools of the trade…

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Just helping a gal out with some rogue threads!

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Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.00.55 PM

As a little break from pom pomming, I also decided to try my hand at customising some jeans.  As you might have seen in one of my earlier posts, I flexed my embroidery skills on a denim jacket a couple of weeks ago, and so these threads seemed like an obvious progression from that experiment.  Also on the agenda this week was a couple of little acrylic paintings….

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After a weekend of cute projects and fun experiments, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to head back into the 9-5 desk-slog each week. As suchs, I try to make an effort at the beginning of each week to find something pretty around Nundah, and take a little snap of what I find to remind myself that lovely things are all around us.

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