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It is crazy to me that it is nearly the end of February.  Where is the year going?  Seriously, where does it think it is going??  I feel like the last month has just dissolved! I have a few things to show for it…and am working on more as we speak.  Right now, as I type, I am being guarded by 2 sleeping sausage dogs.  They have both buried themselves into my legs and if you were looking at me straight on you might think they were arm rests (although that wouldn’t be entirely untrue).  Ahhhh Daphne and Daisy, I am obsessed with you.

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I had a busy day today.  I spent the majority of it sorting out a bunch of DIY projects, some in particular for BONDS!  It got announced this week that I will be their craft blogger for the year (which I’m super jazzed about) and I can’t wait to share some of the fun activities I have planned for them.

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For anyone who tunes into my instagram, you’ll see that I’ve been busy with all my regular shenanigans.  Apomogy is in full swing and I am still loving the process of reading all the submissions I receive.  I’m working toward an installation of the Apomogies in Melbourne at the end of March and then the first exhibition of everything collected to date at The Print Bar in late April. I am SO excited for people to get to see and interact with the project – I just have to keep making the pom poms! I keep having to box up all the pom poms to make room in my study, so I feel like I keep losing touch of how many pom poms I truly have.  I keep being terrified that the exhibition will roll around and I’ll be filling the pace with only like, 10-15 pom poms…whilst I know this is SO stupid, the fear keeps me pomming – which is exactly what I need to do.

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In terms of other activities, I have been doing a whole lot of late night crafting.  I’ve been getting home from work and heading straight into my work room to busy myself with a pom, some painting, or light hot gluing.  Work is pretty busy at the moment, and I find staring at a computer screen all day to be fairly taxing/energy sapping.  As a result I get home ITCHING for a chance to do something with my hands…I’m almost a little repulsed by screens after 5.30pm.  It’s meant that I’ve been making some time to do some really solid making, which I have loved! Pom Poms have been the obvious thing to churn out, but when I need a break from this I’ve been busying myself with some acrylic painting and recently made a pretty fab flower jacket (which I can’t believe I haven’t made sooner)!

This week the latest Frankie Magazine came out, which had the latest editorial shoot I styled in it. It feels like ages since we shot this piece, but it’s one of my favourites! Nat McComas sent me some little behind-the-scene snaps from the editor which I love. You can see me trying to get juuuuuuust the right movement in the silk scarf.


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Floral dream jacket! I think I might wear it to my first Apomogy event in March. I think it will bring me good vibes!

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Valentines Day has come and gone.  Thomas and I had a fab dinner at one of our favourite Brisbane spots, Happy Boy. Whilst I know it’s a pretty cheesy holiday, I love cheese in all of its forms. It makes me feel like…

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Daisy felt the same way…

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Anywho, that’s it from me for this week. Hope you are all well and merry.

Chat soon. xx

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