Hong Kong, Melbourne…Home Again!

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The last 2 weeks have been filled with travels!  Last week I was in Hong Kong for work, exploring the city and looking for inspiration.  As to be expected, I found it in troves!  I fiiiiiinally had the opportunity to look and touch the wonderful work of Molly Goddard, walk the isles of Lane Crawford, and generally absorb all the wonder that this ancient city has to offer.  I really love Hong Kong, and whilst I have only ever had the pleasure of travelling there for work, I would love to go there on a recreational visit as it truly is a spectacular place.  The food, in particular, is to DIE for.  The yum cha flows freely, and if you want some cutie pink and blue star-shaped burgers, then consider your menu sorted!

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After Hong Kong, it was back home for a couple of days and then…time to head back on a plane, this time to Melbourne!  Spotlight flew me down to take part in the launch of National Craft Month, where I hosted a how-to workshop and created an Apomogy installation. The event was really fantastic.  Pip Lincolne was there doing her crafty thing, and speaking her crafty words (which are always inspiring and wonderful) and there were just so many lovely blogger ladies and gents to chat to.  I loved sharing my pom pom techniques with everyone, and hope to do more workshops in the very near future!

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Not one to miss out on an A+ affair, I couldn’t resist stopping by the Ai Wei Wei and Andy Warhol exhibition.  As I anticipated, this exhibition was so fantastic and really not to be missed.  If you have the chance, do yourself a favour and GO AND SEE IT!

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After Ai Wei Wei and Andy Warhol, I headed to Homework in Brunswick to peruse the cutie Easter market that they were hosting. Afterwards I had the IMMENSE pleasure of hanging out with my sweetheart pal Vonny, who showed me a fabby time filled with chippies and Pimms.

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It’s been a pretty go-go-go couple of weeks, so I am looking forward to taking the upcoming long weekend to settle down a little bit and spend some time with my family.  I will also be continuing to prep for my upcoming Apomogy exhibit and workshop on the 16th of April!  I HAVE SO MANY POM POMS STILL TO MAKE!!

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xx Hope you’re all having a fabby week! xx

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