Hi May! Cya May!

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Lately, I have kept my head down, working away pretty solidly for all of April/May.  In my last post I spoke about launching my Apomogy exhibit, and now that it has closed I am beginning prep for my next workshop/display at Artisan in Fortitude Valley in August.  In a splendid turn of events, the ‘Great Wall of Apomogy’ from my exhibit has made it to the final 20 of the Yen Magazine Female Art Awards.  I will also be doing an Apomogy TED talk in September, which I have already begun madly prepping for.  It makes my legs a little bit numb just thinking about it.

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In my down time, as usual, I have been spending my time hanging out with my husband and infant sausage dogs.  As you can see from the below snaps, ‘hanging out’ often consists of covering aforementioned poochies (and sometimes husband) in stickers/headpieces/kisses.

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Last Friday night was extra exciting as it was the launch of the Cindy Sherman Exhibition at GOMA.  The launch of the exhibition also meant the beginning of my tie in workshops for the gallery – which began Sunday, and were a total blast! I got to craft some wonderful accessories (including funglasses and earrings) with a whole bunch of excellent people..so thank you to everyone who came along and made the day so wonderful!

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Lovely GOMA crafters!

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For anyone heading to Splendour in the Grass Festival…I will definitely see you there.  My pal Patience and I will be Craft Captaining the Craft Tent together…which we are SO JAZZED ABOUT!  We will be running a ‘fake it til you make it workshop’ and I will be running an Apomogy one, so please stop by and say “HELLO!”.

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Thanks for stoping by and having a read.  Chat soon. xx


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